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Automatic Pallet Rack Beam Storage Beam Welding Machine

4 Guns and 8 Sides With Turnover Function



This machine is used for supermarket, warehouse beam welding, 4 guns and 8 sides with

turnover function. High speed and automatic operation.PLC control, Mitsubishi, Japan.

Recently, YEMA started to use welding machines for beams which guarantees the product quality in a stable way. In the past, all beams were welded manually by workers, so the welding are not able keep the same for all products, meaning that there is a possibility some of the beams were not welded as good as others. By using welding machines, all beams will be welded the same. It improved product quality, and at the same time, reduce costs as less labors required.


Profiles Width: 70mm Height: 76.2mm-152.5mm
Raw material Carbon Steel Coil
Thickness 1.8mm
 Jon Ryan Jersey