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LED Strip Light Bar Pcb Depaneling Cutting Machine

Aluminium LED Strip Separator Slitting



LED strip Separator, cut both small and large LED strip fast and economicaly. To optimize operation,the separation length can be programmed. Safe operation LED strip is placed with its pre-scored groove onto the linear blade, when the foot swith is pressed,the blade carrier with the circular blade moves across the LED strip, separating it into individual units. The clearance between the upper guide and the linear blade is adjustable to ensure that the PCB is only separated in the pre-scored groove. Recommended pre-scored grooves

1. Programmable cutting lengths ranging to 400mm, 600mm,900mm, eliminating time-consuming unnecessary board travel. (Cut length of up to 1200mm also available)

2. Motorized circular blade cuts against the linear blade to ensure clean, burr-free processing without board stress. Programmable to exact cutting length required.

3. Will depanel PCBs with components 1mm from the score line.

4. Quick-lock design for easy circular blade setup to any PCB thickness.

5. Hardened tooled steel long-life blades

6. Large processing table, which can be angled to permit processed boards to fall away. For operator safety, there are blade-halting light sensors and a Plexiglas safety shield.


Auto feeding pcb cutting machine, cutter roll pcb separator, components lead cutting machine  with conveyor belt , programmable machine for SMT product line

conveyor belt size: 1040mm(L) x 142mm(W) x 127mm(H) weight:11.3KG conveyor belt packing size: 1090mm(L) x 192mm(W) x 177mm(H) weight:12.3KG

Machine dimension: 1100×630×730mm

Maximum cutting length: 300mm

Cutting width: 58mm-220mm

Cutting thickness: 0.2-3mm

Voltage: AC 230V/110V

Cutting speed: 1 cut/s

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