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Hydraulic Cutting C/Z Channel Purlin Roll Forming Machine

With 17 roll Forming Station



Purlin Roll Forming Machine comes into three types, C purlin, Z purlin cold roll forming equipment. Metal purlin forming machine includes hydraulic decoiler with Breaking Device, Leveler, Hydraulic Punching System, Pre Shearing System, Roll Former With Tooling, Hydraulic Cut-off Machine, Run Out Table And Automatic Stacking Device, and more.

C or Z Shape Purline Forming Machine can produce many size of C & Z shape purline. The whole line mainly consists of uncoiler and its base, coil sheet flattening equipment, C & Z shape forming system, punching equipment, post-cutting equipment,, hydraulic station, and controlling system.


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Suitable material for production:

C & Z Purlin mainly use hot roll steel strip or hot dip galvanized steel strip at thickness 1.5-3.2mm. It is roll formed by C or Z shape roll forming machine.

Working Flow:

Decoiling the Sheet–>Sheet Guiding –>Coil Strip Leveling–>Roll Forming–>Punching for horizontal hole–>Punching for vertical hole –>Measure Length –> Cutting the Panel–>Panels to the Supporter.

Applicable Area:

Door Frame, Rall, Angle, Pallet Rack, Pack Post, Swage Beam Panel, Glass Wool Panel, Hoist Rail, Hand Rail, Car Molding, C-channel, Fire Shatter, M-bar, U-channel

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