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Mental Double Layer Color Coated Sheet Roof Roll Forming Machine

Corrugated Sheet Making Machine With PLC Control System



This roll forming machine could produce both Corrugated roofing sheets on the same machine, because it has two layers or two dual levels, and that’s why it was called double layer roll forming machine or dual level roll forming machine. The top layer of roll forming produces Corrugted roofing sheets and bottom layer produces IBR roofing sheets, but not at the same time, and there is a clutch for the change of the production for IBR roofing sheets or corrugated roofing sheets. The lengths and quantities of the roofing sheets will be set through the PLC control system, and the cutting will cut the finished products according to requirement fully automatically.

Our forming machines can use galvanized steel sheet, colored armor plate or aluminum plate as the material plate.

Controlling by computer, PLC display, operation is easy, running is steady and reliable, endurable, and maintenance-free.

We can make and design all kinds of forming machines according to the customer’s request.


Suitable Material : Color steel sheet or galvanized steel sheet

Machine Sizes : 11000×1400×1100 mm

Main Motor Power : 5 KW with Cycloidal reducer

Hydraulic Station Power : 3 KW

Thickness of material : 0.3 mm-0.7 mm

Material expand width : 900 mm-1220 mm

Electric tension: 380 V 3 phase 50 HZ or as the customer’s requirements

Electric Panel : Provide Electric A.C Panel for All motors with PLC Drive

Consists of: Decoiler Coil sheet guiding device Main roll forming system Cutting device Hydraulic station PLC control system Support table

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