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YEMA Custom Automatic slotted Uni Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine

U channel Cross Moving Strut



Roll forming machines uni strut channel roll forming machines. U channel roll forming machines. C channel roll forming machines. Roll forming machines. Roll forming consist pairs of contoured roll tools. While the coil stock is passing forming rollers the materials bend towards it desired shape, after the finale shape of profile is achieved. The profile straightened gives straightness to profile with the proper dimension on it. Both the channel can formed in same rollers by changing the spacers in it.

This cross-moving type strut profile roll forming machine would produce 2 different sizes of strut channels without changing anything, but a simple pressing on the control switch. This whole line includes uncoiling, leveling, punching, roll forming, hydraulic tracking cutter and pneumatic stacker which are controled by a PLC control system and will be working fully automatically. Safety fence/barriers and cooling system are also assembled on the machine for safety issues.


Flowchart of Strut Profile Roll Forming Machine,Strut Channel Roll Forming Machine for Reference

Decoiling—Leveler—Servo Feeding—High-speed Punching Machine—Feeding Guide—Roll Forming—Hydraulic Cutting—Runout Table.

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