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YEMA TDF Flange Machine

Manufacture of Air condition Rectangular Ducts Fittings


There are mainly two kinds of flange systems of duct connection: TDF unit is one of the two universal flange making systems in the world, with low cost, well-seal and easy-fabrication, specially suitable to produce a duct with medium section area and applied in large-scale industrial manufacture. As a flexible machine, TDF will adapt to an auto line with a Pittsburgh lock machine, notcher and bending machine. It may also be used on site. Our Air Conditioning Square Duct flange forming machine, Flange former is special designed for the manufacturer of Trans-verse Manufacturing System.


TDF-flange Forming Machine T-12 / T-15

TDF system is divided into three types: T-12, T-15, duplex machine T-150D. T-12, T-15 form one side into clip” ”  , and the other side into flange ” ” at the same time, and duplex machine T-15D forms both sides contemporary into a flange” “, TDF may be commonly used for its width ranges from 300 to 1530mm. Its maximum work speed is 6 m/min. T-15D TDF Dual Head Roll former Duct Line also can be designed to process Cleat (drive cleat). Transverse duct flange machine, Duplex flange machine, Duplex roll former, Pittsburgh & Duplex roll former.

It is built with the quality and integrity of all our Roll formers, to obtain on both ends of the Duct in a single pass through operation. It consists of two units TDF flange Roll former head assemblies mounted parallel side-by-side and positioned from hand wheel. The efficiency can be increased too much compared with the common TDF flange forming machine. The system can be incorporated into any existing Duct Fabrication System to finish different Ducting process.

Model Shape Capacity




“a” size





L*W*H (mm)

LTA-12 0.8-1.2 3.0 34±0.5 760 2400x800x900
LTA-15 0.8-1.5 3.0 34±0.5 1520 2600x800x900
LTA-2*12 0.6-1.2 3.0/3.0 34±0.5 2070 2400*2300*1100

Transverse duct flange (HVAC) manufacturing Process

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