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YEMA Rectangular Duct manufacture auto line ?

Air Duct ATUO Production Line



This ceiling panel roll forming machine, aluminum ceiling sheet roll forming machine is customized to produce the c shaped aluminum sheets as the roof ceilings, and the raw materials could be pre-painted aluminum coils or pre-painted steel coils. Controlled by PLC computer system, the ceiling panel roll forming machine, aluminum ceiling

Rectangular Duct manufacture auto line ? for the Manufacture of Air-condition Rectangular Ducts

Rectangular duct manufacture auto coil line is special for manufacture making HVAC square air ductwork from GI metal sheet coil.
Rectangular Duct Forming Machine or duct manufacture auto coil line V is consists of feeding frame, levelling, grooving roller machine, hydraulic punching square notch equipment, mechanical hand fixed position feeding frame plat, double drive TDF flange former and double drive singe hem former, servo feeding plat and TDF hydraulic folder. All systems is controlled by computer. The feeding is by servo with precise location. When producing “?”shape duct, the folding is with high precision. The maximum work speed is16m/min. The diagonal line tolerance is ±0.5mm.HCH-V can produce 2 kinds of ducts: TDF flange and angle iron flange. It is easy and fast to adjust. It saves work space, with linear type structure, high efficiency. It can produce“?”shape duct, the minimum section area of TDF duct is 200×200mm. It’s a new one completely in the present market, with full functions, working stable and automatic control system. The following is the shape of flange, we can design the just shape according to customer’s request.

Rectangular Duct Forming Machine ? or Duct manufacture auto coil line Flow Chart

sheet roll former produced the ceiling sheets fully automatically from feeding the material, roll forming, measuring the lengths and cutting according to required lengths and quantities. The whole ceiling panel roll forming machine, aluminum ceiling sheet roll forming machine consists of manual decoiler, feeding guide, roll forming system, transmission system, hydraulic system, cutting, control system and run-out tables.


Rectangular Duct Forming Machine or Auto coil line V Main parameters

Model Thinness range Max width


Max speed


Coiler capacity





(L x W x H)mm

AML- ? 0.6-1.2 mm 1300 16 6000*4 9500 18000×3500x1300
1600 16 10000 18000×3800x1300

Square Duct Manufacture Coil Auto Line V Basic Component

Decoiler: 2 sets
Feeding, Leveling and Beading roller device: 1 set
Notching device: 1 set
Shearing device: 1 set
United Lock former production device: 1 set
TDF linkage flange forming device: 1 set
Run-out table: 1 set
Electrical control system: 1 set
Hydraulic system: 1 set

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