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Hydraulics Angle Notch Cutting Machine

Variable angle, Hydraulic Shearing



YEMA notching machines of the 220/6R series feature a 220 mm long blade, with adjustable angle varying from 30 to 140. Also, they have an automatic blade adjustment feature, that enables automation for thicknesses up to 6 mm. Positioning is ensured by two hydraulic cylinders that clamp the blades. The cutting process can be started on the beginning or the end of the edge, depending on size and cutting needs. They feature a selector for functioning in single step or cycle step, a shearing function for cutting using a single blade with internal depth stop rod, a stroke adjuster that offers stroke limitation for better speeds, and many more innovative features.


Model  Q28B 4 x 200  Q28A 4 x 250
 Notching thickness  Mild steel  mm  0.5-4  0.5-3
 Stainless steel  mm  0.5-2  0.5-1.5
 Notching angle  °  40° – 130°  90°
 Dimension  L. xW.x H.  mm 970 x 1100 x 1200  970 x 1100 x 1200
 Weight  kg  1055  640
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