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CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

High Performance and Smooth, Clean Cuts



Plasma Cutter Machinery for Manufacture of Spiral Round Air-condition Spiral tubes fittings

This type CNC control plasma cutting machine is special designed for HVAC Ducting or sheet metal process industry.  It takes the advantages of both working in house and out site, and strictly meets the requirement of our customers. The frame is steady due to the use of standard steel welding pipes to guarantee the plasma cutting machine stable running. The high precision rails (in x- axes and y- axes) are all imported from Taiwan. The error between the two rails in x- axes is less than ±0.05 mm, and the uprightness error between x- axes and y- axes is less than ±0.05. The machining speed is from 1 to 26.4 meters per minute. It ensures the cutting quality.


Plasma Cutter machine main technology parameters

Model Cutting sizes

W * L (mm)



Cutting speed





L* W*H (mm)

PC-3100 1300x 3100 0.4-6 1-12 940 4100×2000×1250mm
PCD-3100 1550 x 3100 0.4-6 1-12 1030 4100×2300×1250mm
PC-5100 1300 x 5100 0.4-6 1-12 1100 6100×2000×1250mm
PCD-5100 1550 x 5100 0.4-6 1-12 1300 6100×2300×1250mm


Plasma Cutter machine Source requirement

Power requirement

Power supply: 380 volts three-phase or 220 volts three-phase, 4 A alternating current

Voltage generator: 220-380V volts, 20-60A alternating current

Power: 40-120KW

Gas source requirement

Flux ?0.5m³/min; Pressure ?0.6MPa

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