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Rollforming Design Manufacturing Solutions

We are Leading Cold Roll Forming Machinery Manufacture in GuangZhou China.

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8A Torch Building, High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, FOSHAN, China.

Tel: +86 152-0200-0621(whatsapp)

Skype: xjkaishan

Tube former Spiral Duct Forming Machine

European Standard High intensity

TDF Flange Machine

Manufacture of Air condition Rectangular Ducts Fittings

TDC Flange Roll Former Machine

Manufacture of HVAC flanges

Suspension Bands Punching Coil Line

Galvanised Steel with Assorted Holes

Shearing Machine

Cutting Mental for Forming


Rectangular Duct manufacture auto line ?

Air Duct ATUO Production Line


Pittsburgh LOCK Machine

Pittsburgh with Flanger HVAC Ductwork Maker


Pipe Elbow Welding Machine

Production Duct Elbow


Hydraulics Angle Notch Cutting Machine

Variable angle, Hydraulic Shearing

Hydraulic Folding Machine

High Strength Forming


CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

High Performance and Smooth, Clean Cuts


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