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8A Torch Building, High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, FOSHAN, China.

Tel: +86 152-0200-0621(whatsapp)

Skype: xjkaishan

Hardware Machine Door Hinge Stamping Die

Highly Automatic Progressive Stamping Dieswire Sequence



Our Company has built a reputation for door hinge machines that are safe, reliable and easy to operate. Our machinery is designed to allow the user the ability to produce a variety of hinge patterns quickly and accurately for any residential or commercial doors. Thanks to quick change-out capabilities, users can switch quickly and efficiently from one pattern to the next with little to no downtime in production. This efficiency is a valuable asset to companies looking to hold the line on labor and production costs.

We are the professional -stators and rotors core stamping die  factory. .We can offer that products for wind power generators, solar motors, electric motors, shaded pole motors, series/clutch motors, sewing machine motors, DC motors, brushless DC motors and auto motors and so on in different size. Based on the technology-, good quality and competitive price, we have many customers in demestic market and- supply- items to many European and US companies.

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