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YEMA Electrical Junction Box Punch Press Machine

Automatic stamping production line



Automatic Punching Press Machine Production Line for manufacturing of Metal Junction boxes :
C-frame presses for electric metal box making machine refer to a kind of C-frame Punch presses in which the frame resembles the shape of the letter “C”. the C-frame punching press is a machine tool for processing materials by pumping fluid, which is some special hydraulic oil, in the slave cylinder with pressure. The hydraulic presses are widely used in industrial and mechanical field.
C-frame presses which are commonly used for mechanical work, have a simple and compact design. The maximum force of different machine models can be from 5 to 100 tons. But for the most popular single crank hydraulic press is with a force of 10-20 tons. This is usually enough for the repair of the vehicle.
Below are some properties of this single crank C-frame presses:
1. Closed type integral welding body, eliminating the press angle deformation; phenomenon, improve the processing precision and extend the service life of die;
2. Eight side guide rail slider, long and high precision, stable running and high precision. Dry pneumatic friction clutch, low noise, convenient maintenance;
3. Hydraulic overload protection device, automatic emergency stop, press and die protection safety, easy to use;
4. Automatic oil lubrication system, having a circuit alarm function, to ensure that the machines are running smoothly;
5. Die height automatic control, digital display device, convenient in mold adjustment;
6. PLC electric centralized control, with emergency stop, inching, single, continuous operation specification;
7. Optional photoelectric protection, a drive output shaft, automatic feeding, and air cushion device.

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