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YEMA Open Cell Ceiling Griatto Roll Forming Machine

PLS control Auto cut off



The open cell ceiling system is one of YEMA’s specialisations in the field of suspended ceilings and decorative products in sheet metal and prepainted aluminium. The production system has been improved over the years so that by now all the elements which make up the open cell ceiling system can be made with just one machine: elements of 2.4 meters, 1.2 meters, 600 mm with hook-in ends and the joint infill.
The machine is amazingly compact for its versatility and high output.

The coil is punched by means of a numerical control system, which means that the pitch (and therefore the size) of the cells can be changed with just a simple change of program. The roll former allows the prepainted material to be machined without the need for protective film; the machine therefore produces a top quality product on line ready to be assembled and packaged.
There are production systems for open cell ceilings to meet all demands, from the basic system (one 60 cm element every 5 seconds) right up to the top performing system which produces one 60 cm element every second

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