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Ceiling Carrier Roll Forming Machine  

Full Automatic High Speed



Components of this production line: 
a. Automatic decoiler
b. Punching machine
c. Roll forming machine
d. Punching mold
e. Cutting mold
f. Automacit cutter
g. PLC
h. Automatic feeder
i. Product collector

Metal Ceiling Carrier System Roll Forming Line is for production the carrier for the metal ceiling, the whole production including

decoiling—–roll forming—-hydraulic cutting—-Production collecting


Metal ceiling carrier full automatic making machine is featured with high precision, high speed perforation and roll forming. The main machine including combined straightener and decoiler, high speed perforation press, high precision servo feeder system, high precision roll forming machine and follow shearing system. We could offer difference size and profile ceiling carrier machine, ceiling clipper machine ceiling tee-bar roll forming machine,

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