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Aluminum ceiling tile 600x600 forming line with optional perforation

Ceiling tile making machine is widely used in making aluminium or galvanized steel ceiling tile, etc. with size of 600x600, 300x300 or 1200x600mm. It is a fully automatic production line



Technical Items Parameter (mm) Remark
Max material thickness 0.4-1.0,0.4-1.5 aluminum
0.3-0.6 GI steel / CR steel
Max material width 650mm/680mm
Max plate size 600x600,600x300,600x1200 1200mm can be perforation only, non-forming
Perforation hole size 1.0-5.0mm Option


The aluminum ceiling tile production line making machine is mainly used in metal ceiling tile clip in, metal ceiling, suspended ceiling, ceiling panel, and integrated grid ceiling production, applicable to a variety of cold forming and punching material. Adopt multi-PLC control, to reduce the number of hardware to guarantee the stable system. The main hydraulic components use the products manufactured in Taiwan. Feeding servo adopts Japan Mitsubishi brand. Our automatic production line replace the traditional manual control, to avoid the defects of the product precision. The Metal ceiling clip in production Machine is controlled automatically. It is preferential for aluminum processing manufacturer choice. With this automatic suspended ceiling tile machine advantage, high precision and processing speed can be obtained, less labor cost can be achieved. The exact line component is according to client’s requirements or actual sample.
Metal Ceiling Tile Clip-In production line Technology Specifications 600*600mm
The aluminum ceiling clip in production line for 600x600mm is consisted of de-coiler, material feeding device and leveling device, holes punching device, corner cutting device, servo control system, ceiling flat sheet cutting device, run-out table, hydraulic station and PLC control system, etc.
De-coiler–1sets leveling 1st — position holes punching — row holes punching — Servo control feeding —- corner cutting —- 2nd leveling — feeding belt —- Cantilever type mechanical arm —- edge bending & forming —feeding belt — completed products

Relative information for Ceiling clip in production line
We have the full ability to design all kinds of aluminum ceilings production machine according to client ceiling panel profile drawing or sample and the necessary information.
Typical Clip in ceiling specification
1. 600*600mm, 300*300mm, 300*600mm, 300*1200mm, 600*1200mm
2. Thickness: 0.5mm~1.0mm.
3. Edge: 18mm or 20mm.
4. Style: Panel or perforated (Dia: 1.8mm, 2.0mm, 2.2mm).
Ceiling clip in Moulds
The moulds is the most important part in this line, the normal steps for processing square metal clip in ceiling is including cutting corners, forming and bending, punching holes. When to design the diameter of 0.6mm-100mm aperture metal ceilings punching die, the die adopts CR12 or material CR12MOV as raw material. Heat treated to HRC58-60 degrees. The normal holes diameter is as following, ?1.8, ?2.0, ?2.3, ?2.5, ?3.0, etc. The integrated ceiling mold is designed according to customer requirements. Pls contact with us for the further details!
Clip-In Plain / Clip-In Perforated samples as reference

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